Improving your self-efficacy

Hi, my name is Mitsuko and I am a professional coach.

I have created this concise learning material for those who are interested in learning about the logic and methods of coaching.

I have made explanations simple and easy to learn including several exercises you could work on daily.

You could not only watch the videos but work on the exercises to become familiar with the concepts of coaching and ways to use your mind effectively.

Also, the medium of this video is in English which may stimulate new findings for those who usually learn about coaching in Japanese.

By watching this video you will :

  • Gain an overall view about coaching
  • Learn about self-efficacy, one of the important concepts in coaching
  • Lean how you could improve your self-efficacy and become a better goal achiever
  • Establish a firm belief in your unlimited potential and achieve things you previously thought was impossible


  Improving your self-efficacy
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